1. Choose your language
  2. License agreements
  3. System compatibility
  4. Store information
  5. System configuration
  6. Store installation

Installation Assistant

  • Choose your language
  • License agreements
  • System compatibility
  • Store information
  • System configuration
  • Store installation
  1. Create file parameters
  2. Create database tables
  3. Create default shop and languages
  4. Populate database tables
  5. Configure shop information
  6. Install modules
  7. Install Addons modules
  8. Install theme

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Back Office

Manage your store using your Back Office. Manage your orders and customers, add modules, change themes, etc.

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Front Office

Discover your store as your future customers will see it!

Discover your store

If you need some assistance, you can get tailored help from our support team. The official documentation is also here to guide you.